BUS 6590 Affirmative action policies

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Learning Engagement #4

  1. Major organizations (including universities) are currently revisiting their affirmative action policies. Discuss the pros and cons of these policies.
  2. Discuss whether it is possible to downsize a corporation in an ethical manner. In addition, have you ever worked in a company where a significant downsizing took place? Discuss your experience.

You are welcome to respond to this Engagement with a partner, and in a video response (limit to 25 minutes) in lieu of a typed response. If you choose this, each team member must post the recording. Peer responses are then not required.



“As minority businesses struggle to survive during the pandemic, the San Jose City Council is amplifying its efforts to ensure smaller, BIPOC, LGBTQ and women-owned businesses get a fair shot at competing for government contracts.”

The San Jose City Council voted unanimously Jan 12. to advance a proposal from Vice Mayor Chappie Jones and Councilmember Sylvia Arenas to evaluate disparities in contracting opportunities for minority businesses, an effort to figure out which groups need more support.



  1. Post your 300-400 word answers
  2. Offer at least two 100-200 word comments (replies) to posts from your peers’ discussions
  3. you will be graded using the following rubric and standards.

Grading Rubric and Standards

Requirements: Post your 300-400 word answers Offer at least two 100-200 word comments (replies) to posts from your peers’ discussions

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