Communication Five steps to resolving issues of management

Five steps to resolving issues of management 1. Identify issues within the organization 2. Analyze and delimits each issue 3. Display the various strategic options 4. Implement an action program 5. Evaluate its program in terms of reaching organization goals. Explain a detailed situation where you have utilized these steps within your current or a previous organization. Why is it imperative that during a crisis management proceeds in the proper way? Can you explain a real life world crisis that took place while you were a manger, or the actions that you have observed from a manger? Explain what took place and how it affected your organization. These are the element of surprise, insufficient information, escalating events, loss of control, increased outside scrutiny, siege mentality, and panic. Think of a crisis that an organization went through (this could be your own) and elaborate on two or three warning signs it may have received. Was the organization able to effectively manage the crisis? ¬© BrainMass Inc. August 5, 2018, 7:41 am ad1c9bdddf Solution PreviewCOMMUNICATION AND ISSUES/CRISIS MANAGEMENT SITUATION: Student – Teacher Conflict As head of a department in University A, a critical situation happened when almost all the students in a class wanted to drop the course because they could not cope with the classroom management style of their teacher. 1. Identify issues within the organization a) Mismatch between the expectations of the students and the teacher b) The teacher is a part time teacher in University A but a top management official in another university (University B) c) The president of University A is a part time professor of University B 2. Analyze and delimit each issue a) In connection with the first issue, limitations include: the teacher has to comply with classroom management standards of punctuality, syllabus contents and corresponding classroom strategies, criteria in grading the students. b) The second issue poses another limitation which is the fact that the teacher involved is a high ranking official in another university. With such a rank the community would not believe the students’ accusations. c) The decision will also be limited to the presence of a good relationship between the teacher and the president of university A. They are both part time teachers in each other’s university. d) It is the middle of the term and it is … Solution Summary The five steps to resolving issues of management communication is determined. $2.19

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