Discuss the History of Health Insurance in the United States.

The History of Health Insurance in the United States discussion assignment. Due by  Monday, January 9th  at 11:59 PM. In order to receive full credit, please ensure to include the questions with the answers and follow the rules for each question listed below.

1: Please read the entire article and then summarize the following sections/subtitles Please note that page nine contained a synopsis and has been eliminated from the reading. However, no information has been lost: (30 Points)

* Pre-History: Worker’s Compensation (p 3-5)
* The Great Depression (p 5-10)
* The Early Growth of Health Insurance (p 10-12)
* Experience Rating, Medicare Medicaid , ERISA (p 12-14)
* Managed Care and Beyond (p 14-19)

Please include the subtitles for each summary and ensure that the word count for each section is between 150-300 words.

2:  In 200-600 words, please write a response by using three out of the four responses below:  (20 Points)
•           What issue, concept, or section surprised me the most and why?
•           What issue, concept, or section I agree with and why?
•           What   issue, concept, or section I disagree with and why?
•           What issue, concept, or section I don’t understand and what information could help add clarity?

Please place your initials and 800 number on the top right hand corner of every page. Do not place your full name on the assignment. Electronic copies of the exam are to be submitted under the Tests and Quizzes section on blackboard. Points will be subtracted if these rules are not followed. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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