HIEU 201 Liberty University Chapter 8 Quiz

HIEU 201 Liberty University Chapter 8 Quiz

1. Jesus practiced his ministry

2. From the point of view of the Romans, Jesus and his followers appeared to be

3. Paul’s knowledge of ________ was great value in his missionary work with both Diaspora Jews and Gentiles.

4. At first, the Roman government did not interfere with Christians because

5. Because there were obvious and important differences between Christians thought and Greek philosophy

6. Some ardent Christians

7. According to Arius (A.D. 250-336)

8. The case for the supremacy of the bishop of Rome over the entire church was based on

9. The Christian concept of God and the Greek concept of God differed in that

10. Christianity and Stoic ethics were similar in that both

11. Christianity succeeded in becoming the dominant religion in the Roman Empire partly because

12. The early Christians

13. The greatest achievement of ________ was the translation of the Old and New Testaments from Hebrew and Greek into Latin.

14. In the City of God, Saint Augustine stated that

15. The monastic rule of Saint Benedict

16. Paul believed that Mosaic Law

17. Paul taught that women

18. The Pharisees were Palestinian Jews who

19. Similarities between the Qumran community that produced the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Jesus movement include

20. The word Gentiles refers to

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