: Select your topic and focus question! Read the topics from the list on page 2 of this document and choose the topic

History project

Step 1: Select your topic and focus question! Read the topics from the list on page 2 of this document and choose the topic and focus that interests you. Fill out the box below.

What’s your topic and focus question? Topic:

Revolutionary Ideas

Focus Question:

Compare and contrast the main arguments of the Patriots and Loyalists

Step 2: In 50 words or more, state why you chose the topic and focus question that you chose. It could be how the topic is of interest to you and that you have studied it previously, or it could be a subject that you want to learn more about something of which you do not have knowledge.

I was imagining how people in the past lived, how did they exercise their democracy or there was none, could there be anybody who went against their will, how did those who represented them behave at that time, did they support each other entirely, what were the structure that were used in the administration, how did they relate to each other, were there any changes and how did they treat the individuals. To answer a range of these questions, I decided to capture one concept. The issue of how were the people represented and how it was done till now. To come up with the question I had to ask myself on how the people interacted with each other especially in the field of politics.

Step 3: List the two primary source and two secondary sources that you have chosen in the boxes below.

Source Type Source Name
Primary Source #1 A Loyalist Poem, “The Patriots of North America”
Primary Source #2 Loyalist Tract
Secondary Source #1 Benjamin A. Irvin, “Tar, Feathers, and the Enemies of American Liberties, 1768-1776”
Secondary Source #2 Keith Mason, “Localism, Evangelicalism, and Loyalism: The Sources of Discontent in the Revolutionary Chesapeake.”

Step 4: In 50 words or more, describe your initial thoughts about how your sources relate to your chosen topic and focus. Make sure to provide specific examples from each of the four sources that illustrate how they will help you answer your focus question. This will help you begin to think about the form of your paper!

The first primary source, loyalist brings out how the loyalists in America during the 1770s tried to bring out their ideas that were against enlightenment and the gentle rule in the Great Britain. The change in to ideas of enlightenment and gentle rule was considered as an effective idea that could make Britain a paradise. In conjunction to my topic my topic, I believe to there was change of ideas during these time, for example the writer wrote explaining that the loyalist were transforming the paradise of America into am endless hell. On focus question, I’m in the position to compare and contrast the arguments of the loyalist and the patriots. The poem can help me on thoughts on freedom equality, etc. Hence it will depend on my in depth study of it.

The second source, describes the war between Britain and its colonies. In this spectrum there was also the conflict between the supporters of independence (patriots), the opponents (loyalists) and other Americans who were angry but opposed the idea of independence declaration. This can enrich information patriots and loyalists, their similar opinions and their differences.

The third source, is all about a section of people, known as sons of liberty, they were American colonists who advocated against taxation methods strategies adopted by the British and supported protection of rights of the colonists. If I want to obtain some information on the concepts of rights and freedoms I can borrow some concepts from here. I can also have an idea of how they presented their ideas how dynamic they were.

Fourth source focuses on the reasons of discontent on the Mary land located at the shore of at the time of revolutionary war. The reasons presented include evangelicalism, loyalism, and even localism. The reasons given by the source help in increasing knowledge about loyalists, I can also examine how the ideas changed with time.

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